New Field Session: Washington National Cathedral

Hilz_051203_7515m (1)

This is a portion of the massive rose window at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. While there are many stained glass windows at the Cathedral, it's certainly one of the most impressive. The image is a soft montage where I blended an in focus and out of focus version of the same composition. The soft montage technique creates an ethereal look and helps take attention away from the high contrast challenges created by working with singles exposures of bright stained glass and a dark interior.

I have a field session to the Washington National Cathedral coming up on February 9. The National Cathedral is the second largest cathedral in the United States. During the field session most of our time will be spent exploring the interior where you'll find grand design elements of buttresses and columns, along with plenty of intricate features you'll want to isolate in your compositions. The stained glass windows are a subject all their own (there are more than 200). We'll have special permission to use tripods, enabling us to use natural light to record all the fine detail. In the latter part of the session we'll go outside to explore the architectural details of the Cathedral's exterior including gargoyles and angels.

See the Cathedral field session page for a gallery of images from the Cathedral, as well as additional details and registration information.

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