Piece of the Whole - Part 2


A follow-up to my post from a couple days ago about shooting a portion of the whole subject....I mentioned you could apply the approach to all types of subjects. Here we'll check out some architectural examples. You may recognize the door and window from an earlier post, this time we'll look at a variation of each.  The above tight shot of the door brings particular attention to the "33". In contrast, in the image below of the full door the numbers don't stand out nearly as much.


Next compare the two window photos. The first shows most of the window, the second emphasizes the bottom half.


Consider how your eye moves around in each variation. Notice what is emphasized in the wider/full photo vs. the tighter/piece of photo. And it's not always about right or wrong, or a good shot vs. a bad shot. It's about realizing these variations produce very different images. When you decide to include the entire door, or just part of it, make it a conscious decision as that will help you better see and understand your composition.