HDR Pano

Hilz_100601_7812p (1)

The process of creating this HDR panorama used a total of 28 images. The panorama composite is made up of six images, each shot in the vertical orientation. However for each of those six sections I used 3-4 exposures to create individual HDR images which were then stitched together to create the final panorama. The key here is the order in which things were done. I first created the individual HDR images then formed the panorama. I did the HDR processing with Nik HDR Efex Pro. I processed the first HDR section, then created a preset within HDR Efex Pro. I used this preset when processing the remaining five HDR sections so that the HDR processing would be consistent. This is important since I would be combining the images into a panorama and I did not want to end up with a different "look" for each piece of the panorama. After I had my six completed HDR images I brought them into Photoshop CS6 and used the Photomerge feature to create the panorama. You might be wondering if it was necessary to shoot the extra exposures and do the HDR processing. For comparison here is the panorama created with single exposures:


The HDR panorama has much better detail in the shadows and higher quality rendering of the greens.

This image was taken in St. Michaels, Maryland. St. Michaels Workshop May 17-19