Macro Workshop this Weekend + Franciscan Monastery Update


To capture this vibrant background I found a perspective where I could line up a number of flowers with the columbine blossom. At the very least you don't want your background to distract from the subject. It's even better if you can find a background that complements the subject thereby elevating the quality of the image.

Franciscan Monastery Workshop update: I've pushed back the workshop another week to April 20th so that the tulips will be in bloom. Franciscan Monastery Workshop details

Also this weekend is my Macro Photography Workshop at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens encompasses 95 acres and offers a diverse collection of ornamental display gardens and native plant collections. With so much to explore there's no end to the macro photo opportunities. The workshop includes a lecture, two photo shoots, and a critique session. Learn what equipment to use and when to use it so you can capture the best close-up photographs. Find out how to enhance your composition by using diffusers and reflectors to control the light. In addition, we'll look at selecting the best aperture, working with background elements, getting the most out of your depth of field and placing the focus right where you want it. We will also explore how to create artistic and impressionistic images. I'll be assisting attendees and answering questions while we're photographing. A small group allows me to work with everyone individually in the field, helping them to build their photography skills and creative vision. Macro Workshop details