Sharp or Blurred?


The fading sunset offered a colorful, gradated background for this plant silhouette. Though with it being at the end of the day the light was fading fast and there was an intermittent light breeze. I was patient and made sure I got enough "still" pictures that I was confident I'd have at least one that was tack sharp when I examined them on the computer. Then it was time to play a bit. I tried out some camera movement to soften the shape of the leaves. And since I was already moving the camera I wouldn't have to worry if the breeze moved the leaves a little too.

To maintain the suggested shape of the leaves my camera movement was a very subtle upward motion. In the following two photos you can see that one is more abstract than the other due to greater camera movement. Notice how they are more painterly, or impressionistic - especially the last one. I like all three as variations on the subject.


The background was great because it was already an out of focus wash of color (see sharp photo above) so a little camera movement wasn't really going to change this. The camera motion images were shot at a half second. I did have the camera on a tripod (with the ball head loosened) because of the slow shutter speed and subtle movement being used. A little movement goes a long way. Usually I shoot camera motion images handheld because it gives me a greater ease of movement, allowing me to settle in to the feel of the motion. Oh, and I can't forget to point out the "never fail" combo of warm and cool colors. It's actually a warm color sandwich! Warm-cool color combos are always a treat.

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