The New Nik Collection


The Nik Software products, which I used regularly in my image processing, have recently been repackaged and rebranded into a single suite of products called the Nik Collection by Google. It's the same products you know and love. If you are already a Nik products user you likely got an email offering you a free upgrade to the entire Nik Collection - these free upgrades are available whether you owned one product, or all of them. So for previous owners, nothing new except maybe some new toys to play with. However if you haven't owned any of the Nik products previously there's no better time to get on board. With the new Nik Collection the price for the entire suite has dropped to  $149 - that's less than some of the individual products used to cost! And here's some even better news: you can use this discount code CHILZ to receive an additional 15% off. Definitely worth checking out. You can download a trial version to give the software a whirl.