Fence Detail

Hilz_130327_1513 (1)

Walking around the historic homes in downtown Charleston, South Carolina there are many opportunities to pick out the architectural and design details. When you're focusing on the details you don't need everything to be spectacular. You just need enough. And that's exactly what I had here with the wrought iron fence and the flowering shrub behind it. While the fence ran down the length of the property, the background wasn't so great everywhere. What is seen in the photo suggests that the shrub was growing densely along the fence line. The reality was the growth of the shrub was thinner in some areas and in others there weren't as many flowers. The key was to spot the potential of the fence + flowers combination. Then look for the portion that would best show off this pairing. You don't always need a lot to work with, so long as what you do work with is carefully chosen.

Processing-wise I kept the image on the cool side to accentuate the color contrast between the warm pink flowers and cooler foliage and metal.

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