Playing with Clarity


Topaz recently released a new plug-in called Clarity. For those folks using Lightroom or Camera Raw, Clarity is a familiar term. So you may be thinking, "Whatever, I've already got Clarity". Well if you use Topaz Clarity you won't mistake it for Adobe's Clarity slider. Topaz Clarity isn't just one adjustment it's host to multiple adjustments that target contrast and color. I attended a Topaz webinar today to see what this Clarity is all about. I was pretty impressed and the webinar demo got me up to speed on how to use Clarity. This is just a quick post to get Clarity on your radar and show you before and after images from when I was playing around with it this evening.

Hilz_110601_0646 (1)
Hilz_110601_0721 - Version 2
Hilz_110601_0721 (1)

I'll revisit Clarity in another post to offer thoughts on how it compares to adjustments like Clarity (Adobe); Structure and Tonal Contrast (Nik). If these images peak your interest Topaz has more webinars this week introducing Clarity. And because saving money is always a good incentive, Topaz is offering a $20 discount ($30 vs $50) through May 31. Check the Topaz website for details. Has anyone else tried out Clarity? What do you think?

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