Reflections Mood


The setting sun was creating beautiful reflections on the water. As I was photographing this scene I noticed how the pattern of the reflection was changing. A boat had passed through in the distance and the waves from its wake were now reaching the water in front of me. Here's the same scene from a little earlier when the waves hadn't expanded as far.


While I was editing the images I noticed how the varying pattern of the reflections changed the feel of the image. In the second image, when the waves are closer together, there is a feeling of tension. In contrast, the feeling of the first image is more gentle and peaceful. To better emphasize this, here is a cropped version of the second image that only includes the tighter waves.

Hilz_130517_3896 - Version 2

Notice the difference? It comes down to the arrangement of the lines in the image. While you may not be aware of it when you're photographing (I was just seeing great reflections), it's important to look for these subtleties when editing. By doing so you can better understand the emotional reaction a viewer might have to your images.

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