Xian, China Fountain Display...and on to Cuba

Hilz_130917_4588 (1)

The fountain show in Xian, China is quite a sight. You have fountains dancing in complex arrangements; the ones in front are illuminated from beneath the water. Along the sides of the fountain area are artificial trees that are illuminated at night. When I first saw them during the day the leaves were backlit, glowing pink. From a distance I thought they were real...then again, glowing pink leaves? Maybe I just wanted them to be real. In the background is the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, which is a Buddhist pagoda. When reviewing this image on the computer I saw the pagoda was tilted and I thought I didn't have my camera level. The next day when I saw the pagoda in the daylight I realized the pagoda is actually leaning! Whew.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Cuba for ten days. This trip will wrap up what has been an exciting international travel year with visits to the Czech Republic, Germany, China and now Cuba!