Chincoteague: Land of Incredible Skies


This weekend I had my workshop in Chincoteague, Virginia at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. The first two days presented us with incredible displays of clouds. The third day was frigid, windy and greeted us with blowing sand. More on that another time. Back to the clouds - expansive formations, beautiful textures and ones so blue they looked like they'd been over saturated. Since the clouds were on a grand scale I often ended up composing in the style you see here: a thin section of land with a large helping of sky. I couldn't get enough of the clouds, there seemed to be incredible lines and textures everywhere I looked. My favorite cloud formation was a massive arch that I shot as a panorama. We had a great time exploring the landscape and wildlife photo opportunities (yes there was more than just clouds to shoot)! More to come on Chincoteague, just wanted to share some initial images and thoughts. The image below I shared a version of a few days ago on social media. The thin strip of land is the beach.