Changing Perspective for a More Intimate Portrait


The perspective from which you photograph a subject can make all the difference in the feel of the image. By bending down I was able to photograph from the eye level of the farmer which draws the viewer in, creating a stronger connection between the subject and viewer.

Contrast that perspective with the one below. Taken from a standing position it looks like, well, I was standing up and looking down on the subject. The higher perspective makes the viewer feel further away, but in reality the distance between the subject and I was not much different from the top photo.


A photo taken from the higher perspective could be useful depending on the story you want to tell with your image. What's important to remember is that perspective makes a difference and make it a conscious decision which perspective your choose to photograph from. The lower perspective did not limit my image to just being about the farmer, as I was able to include the pig in the top right corner. The pig acts as a secondary element, adds depth to the composition and gives a sense of place. This all helps tell a story and create a more rich image.

The farmer was photographed in the Viñales Valley in Cuba. He was very friendly, allowing the group to wander through his property and, as you can see, didn't mind having his photo taken. He generously insisted on giving us a bag full of small yellow bananas. They were delicious!