Taxi Driver in Cuba


I woke up this taxi driver to take his picture. Am I that terrible photographer who has no respect of his subject? Not at all. From across the street I saw the driver sitting in his back seat. I couldn't see him clearly within the shaded interior and as I approached I said hello and asked if I could take his photo. It was when I spoke that I saw his head straighten up a little and his eyes open. Well too late now, I already disturbed his cat nap. He gave a little nod indicating I could take his photo. Five photos and twenty seconds later I was done and on my way.

This image is by far my favorite of the set. In all of them I used the window and the frame of the car as framing elements. This one is the best combo of utilizing the framing while minimizing the brightly lit background. With the interior in heavy shade, any sunlit areas had the potential to be significant distractions. It was interesting to look back at the sequence and notice things that I didn't catch when taking the photos. In the first couple it looked like the driver was giving me a subtle thumbs up, then I caught one where he was dozing off again (clearly I wasn't of much interest to him).


Here's a tighter crop. Getting rid of the handle makes the door less important which focuses more attention on the frame within a frame design. Do you have a preference between the two?

Hilz_131103_1556 - Version 2