Working the Subject with Colors and Shapes


While photographing in Cuba I wanted to capture a diverse collection of images. Photos that would tell a story about all that I saw and experienced. After a few days I realized I was focused on capturing people and cars; if that's all I came home with I'd feel my coverage was lacking. Although I was happy with the photos themselves, I didn't want to have blinders on to other photo ops. To break the car and people habit I gave myself self-assignments to force me to consciously focus on other types of images from patterns and colors to produce and architectural details.

With that introduction, these are photos from one of my color and shape studies. With so many colorfully painted buildings one just had to start looking at the colors themselves and not the larger building. It was a nice change of pace to exclude the surroundings and create patterns with the shapes and colors. For most color patches I would grab a shot or two and move on. For this doorway I spent more time because of the number of colors so close together. This encouraged me to work the subject: not just looking for "the" shot, but exploring various compositions and perspectives.


Remember the video game Tetris? That's what these boxes of color make me think of. In case you're wondering Tetris is still around; I was playing it on my phone the other day....and that's probably why it came to mind.


As I was writing this post and staring at the lead image I thought about what it would look like without the step in front of the door. Here you go, a bit more abstract:

Hilz_131108_5500 - Version 2