Being Observant

It has come to my attention that it has been a long time since anything has been written here. I'll get right on it, find out who is to blame and give them a stern talking to. In the mean time...

Let's take a walk. Or a drive. Or go run some errands. When I'm out and about I look at the lines, colors and shapes of things around me. I find patterns and repetition created by those lines, colors and shapes. I'm talking about while going about daily life; I'm not looking for a picture, just observing my surroundings. When I began learning about photography I made it a mental exercise to look for these elements. I used it to help me spot these building blocks in everything I saw. I would look for circles, rectangles, diagonal lines, and so on. Now it's become more unconscious, but it undeniably influences how I see things everyday. I will notice these base elements or a pattern without having been looking for them. Sometimes I'll go back to the mental exercises to keep me attuned to my surroundings. I encourage you to be observant. It's not always about making photographs, but simply seeing. Which in turn will come back to you in your photography.

The lamp's light pattern on the ceiling was a wonderful compliment to the intricate pattern on the ceiling itself. Any idea what the ceiling pattern is made of? Here's a closer look:

It's all made from pieces of picture frames. Who says frames are just for photographs. I spotted this at the restaurant Mombar in New York City. The chef of the small restaurant is also an artist. The entire restaurant is filled with his artistic touches from the door to the tabletops. Great food too.

Here's what to do with all your old pencils. This isn't from the restaurant, but a random store I stepped into because it looked like it had interesting things. However, these pencils were the best it had to offer. They're under glass as the top of a table. The table and it's surroundings, meh - but go in for the pattern shot and now you've got something.