More Observation Musings

Continuing on with the direction of my last post, let's look at some more everyday elements that offer something interesting with line, shape, and color.

The next time you're doing some home improvement work and you're cleaning your paint brushes, take a long look into that bucket of paint thinner. You might just find a face staring back at you.

The gym is not just for working out. On my back between sets of crunches, I look at the ceiling and what do I see...lights? Not just lights, but fluorescent tubes in a warm-cool pattern. One of my favorite types of color combos! Yes, that's what I find myself thinking about even at the gym.

This is how to dress up your plain cubicle wall. All you need is a plant and some pushpins. Then move in close and you have a fun pattern photo.

Keep those eyes open for interesting subjects!