Photo Critique Webinars

When I lead workshops or judge photo competitions, providing helpful feedback goes a long way towards making it a positive learning experience. I'm doing these webinars to offer this experience outside of those events.

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TIME: 1:00 - 2:15pm EDT (GMT -4)
FORMAT: online webinar 
COST: Free

*All webinars are recorded, so it's no problem if you can't attend the webinar. Simply send in your photos then watch the recording at your convenience.


It's a free photo critique webinar and everyone is welcome to attend! You don't have to submit photos to join the webinar. Come hang out and see what Corey has to say!

Corey will review submitted photos and provide constructive feedback about what he thinks works for the photos and what could be improved. This will include live image adjusting in Lightroom to show you how the suggested changes affect the photograph. You may even pick up a Lightroom tip or two. The webinar is about giving feedback and creating a learning experience. This isn't a competition or a judging session. The photographers' names won't be shared during the critique.

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Each person may submit up to three (3) photos. Submit photos that you have processed/worked on. Photos will be evaluated as “final products”. Give those images the spit shine and polish they deserve!

Format: JPEG
Size: 2500px on the long side. If you're not sure how to resize your photos, send full size jpegs. Better for the photos to be too big instead of too small.

Submission deadline: 3 hours prior to the start of the webinar
Email photos to:

The fine print: Submitting photos for critique does not guarantee they will be selected. There are no restrictions on photographic styles or subject matter. Any photos you submit will only be used for the webinar. They will be deleted afterwards.