Discounts and Resources

Here you'll find a collection of products and companies that Corey recommends. For some companies there's a discount available on their products (use the discount codes when purchasing through the company websites). When considering software it's a good idea to try before you buy. That way you can find out if it meets your needs (most software has trial versions). Corey doesn't recommend companies whose products he doesn't personally use.

Backblaze is an online backup service. Backing up my photos (and other files) has always been of utmost importance. However, I didn't have a good system to maintain an up-to-date off-site backup. Backblaze is my solution and gives me peace of mind. It works in the background so you don't have to tend to it. Just go about your business and upload as much data as you want.

Flypaper Textures are texture images that you combine with your photographs for creative and artistic effects. There are also presets for Nik Color Efex Pro. Whether I'm applying a texture in a subtle or dramatic fashion, there's a whole new world of options for working with my photos.

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Helicon Focus is focus stacking software. It enables you to create an image with more in focus than could be captured in a single photo. Can be used for subjects ranging from macro to landscapes. This is focus stacking done right!

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Lensbaby makes creative effects lenses for SLR cameras. You can use them for all types of photography, from landscapes and people, to macro and architecture. Selective focus and creative blur can turn an ordinary subject or scene into something special.

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Macphun creates photo editing software for the Mac for retouching, photo effects, selective coloring, detail enhancement, selective focus. Products include: Intensify Pro, Tonality Pro, Focus 2 Pro, Snapheal Pro, Color Strokes, FX Studio Pro. I've found Intensify Pro to be especially good for fine-tuning contrast and bringing out texture and details. Tonality Pro is impressive for B&W.

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onOne Photo is a full featured editor that includes tools to manage and edit your photos non-destructively. You can enhance color and detail, improve portraits, add effects, share, or swap faces and backgrounds easily. It has apps for Browse, Effects, Resize, Portrait, Enhance and Layers. They can be used with Photoshop, Lightroom, or as a standalone application.

OP/TECH USA offers an extensive range of solutions for carrying and protecting your equipment. Straps, pouches and accessories for cameras, lenses, tripods and electronics. I use OP/TECH's wraps for packing gear. Their straps are super comfortable. The sling strap has been great for my travel photography.

Perfectly Clear is a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom that offers automated image adjustment. It produces impressive results quickly with minimal effort. The batch capabilities and high quality results really shine when you need to process a large number of images.

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Photo Pills is very cool app for the iPhone that packs together lots of tools and information useful to a photographer. I was able to replace a number of single function apps with the features in Photo Pills. I can determine the angle of the sun for any location and time of day. Plus I'm able to see exactly where the sun will be in the sky. I can check depth of field and calculate exposure times when using a neutral density filter. And there's a lot more…

Really Right Stuff makes high quality camera and lens plates, ballheads, tripods, specialized equipment for panoramas and flash photography. I put one of their L-plates on each of my cameras. L-plates make switching my camera from vertical to horizontal so simple. And their BH-40 is just the right mid-size ballhead for me. Not too big, not too small. I also use the RRS leveling base for my panoramas.

Think Tank Photo makes bags and accessories in a variety of styles for carrying your photo and computer gear. Solidly built and well designed. Over the years I've built up a collection of Think Tank should bags and backpacks. There's no one perfect bag so it's all about how I'm traveling and what I'm shooting with.

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Topaz Labs has created an extensive collection of software plug-ins...16 at last count. They cover all sorts of image adjusting tools and techniques: styles and effects, masking/selections, B&W, noise reduction, sharpening, detail and contrast enhancement. See which ones are right for your photo enhancing needs.

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Wacom offers an extensive line of pen and tablet systems. These range from Intuos tablets to Cintiq displays where you use the pen directly on the display. I use an Intuos Pro tablet. It's indispensable for photo work in applications like Photoshop and Lightroom. I find it so much more comfortable (and effective) than using a mouse when making selections and using brush tools.