Creative Captures with Lensbaby - Photography Workshop

DATE: July 25, 2015 
TIME: 3:00pm – 6:00pm 
LOCATION: 3700 S Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington VA 22206
COST: $84
WORKSHOP SIZE: maximum 10
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Light. Easy walking on paved areas.

REGISTRATION: register with the Capital Photography Center

Expand your portfolio and learn how to use a Lensbaby to create exciting and dynamic images!

A Lensbaby is a specialty lens that gives you access to a variety of creative effects. The signature Lensbaby look is a unique selective focus effect where a small sharp area is surrounded by heavy blur. You can use it to photograph everything from landscapes to people to close-ups, giving you a fresh perspective on all subjects.

Learn how to use the selective focus effect in your images, plus how to easily control where the sharp area is located in the composition. We’ll explore both the technical and artistic aspects of shooting with a Lensbaby.

You'll also learn about Lensbaby's other creative effects which include soft focus, fisheye, and a slice of focus effect that you’d only expect from a tilt-shift lens. This class is packed with tons of insights, tips and tricks for capturing your best Lensbaby images so bring your Lensbaby and get ready to have some fun!

Don't have a Lensbaby? No problem! Demo Lensbabies (and accessories) will be available for Nikon and Canon cameras, making this the perfect opportunity see what the Lensbaby is all about. After an image rich presentation we'll go out and explore the vibrant Shirlington area with our Lensbabies.

Note: If given about 2 weeks notice we may be able to get Lensbabies for other brands.

Find out more about Lensbaby at