"Corey's recent photo workshop in St. Michaels was excellent. With the benefit of his presentations, critiques, and "hands on" on-site photography guidance, my photo skills and knowledge have improved. The locations we visited were beautiful, and the workshop was a very enjoyable experience."
     -Mark Young

“The Charleston workshop was my first on-site workshop. I had taken a few Betterphoto online courses, but Corey's instruction is light-years beyond those. There is no comparison in terms of the value for the money.
     Corey is an absolute wizard with photographic software, including the Nik suite, Photoshop, and Aperture. He is able to do in thirty seconds what would take me thirty minutes to achieve. He has a complete knowledge of Canon and Nikon cameras. The classroom sessions were extremely informative, especially the review and enhancement of our own workshop images.
     The sites he chose were visually stunning, and I came home with some of the nicest pictures I've ever taken. Corey had planned the excursions so well that we never had any doubt exactly what we were doing. I felt he had done a tremendous amount of planning in advance of the workshop, discovering exactly when and exactly where we should be. It was a completely comfortable experience, one I recommend without reservation. I had a great time and surprised myself with what I achieved.”
     -Matt Runde, MD

“The Silk Mill workshop was very well organized and a most pleasant experience. Corey is an excellent teacher and provides professional instruction to his work shop attendees on site and in the classroom. I rate my experience with this workshop as entirely worthwhile. I am looking forward to another opportunity to attend a Corey Hilz workshop.”
     -James Magee

"Corey Hilz never disappoints! I have taken several classes and workshops with Corey and I always come away with more photographic knowledge and insight than before. Not only does he have great vision, he is also technically savvy, making him a guru in the field and in the classroom. Corey is patient with all of his students regardless of level, and he makes his explanations easily understandable. I can’t recommend Corey enough if you are contemplating a workshop or class with him."
     -Debbi Koplen

"The Delaware Water Gap workshop with Corey was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Corey’s patience and great teaching skills, I captured some wonderful images. I'm proud to say that I’ve recently sold two of them! I’ve done many workshops but Corey’s far outshine most of them."
     -Mary-Jo Bennett

"I've been to lots of photographic workshops and Corey's rank at the very top of the heap. In the first hours of the Smokies workshop, he interviewed each of us about our goals and helped us accomplish them. For example, I got a lot out of his one-on-one tutorials with me on hyperfocal focusing and the use of specialty filters.
     During our shooting sessions he spent lots of time looking through my viewfinder and offered practical, constructive advice. In contrast to most of the pros I know, Corey spent his time teaching his clients and did very little work on his personal portfolio. His classes were detailed and well organized and everyone appreciated his painstaking approach to answering our questions and ensuring all were absorbing the material.
     In the field and class, Corey's passion for photography and teaching shines through. I came away with new skills in shooting and post-processing and I'm looking forward to my next Corey Hilz workshop."
     -Rick Barnard

"I've done enough photo workshops to know that some instructors are good in the field while others are good in the classroom. Corey is outstanding in both! In the field he has an uncanny ability to show up just when you need his help. His comments are always constructive and nonjudgmental. He lends his equipment freely (he got me hooked on Lensbaby) and encourages you to try new techniques. In the classroom, his teaching is methodical and logical. He shows you how to make the most of the digital darkroom with the software that you have (and then he shows you again using the software you wish you had). Corey is a natural teacher. I hope to return to more of his workshops."
     -Meg Eastman

"The most important thing to know about Corey is that he is a cool human being. I could talk all day about his encyclopedic knowledge of photography. Corey knows his stuff – everything from equipment to composition to exposure to special effects to storage to post-processing. And I could talk at length about how Corey is a fabulous natural-born teacher with superb communication skills. He makes beautiful images and shares his knowledge to help you do the same. He knows the programs you use and can help you navigate them with ease. In short, Corey delivers the whole package – he is knowledgeable, accessible, articulate, and helpful.
     But that only scratches the surface. Let me illustrate with his actions during a half hour of the workshop. During that half hour, Corey on his own initiative, came to me to see how my shooting was progressing. In 53 seconds, he critiqued my images in his thorough, matter-of-fact, nonjudgmental way and had a couple concrete suggestions for how to improve my composition. Then, also on his own, he shared with me ideas for creative photography and showed me how to use techniques such as image overlay to make better images. He even shared a piece of his equipment with me to take a series of images I would never have been able to make on my own. That’s what I mean about Corey being a cool person – he’s approachable, willing to share, fun to be around, and he doesn’t hog the best positions and times for himself! Travel with Corey and you’ll learn some good stuff, make some pretty pictures, and have a blast doing it! And would I travel with Corey again – Yes, in a heartbeat!"
     -Will Haubert

"The photo tour to Western Ireland with Corey has left me a bit euphoric. I wanted to stay longer in this beautiful country. Corey‘s guidance was all-encompassing. He not only told us what we were going to see and what equipment we should consider using, but once at a destination, he suggested settings in concert with the lighting, sky, and subject. We were neither required nor expected to shoot exactly as he did--we could if we wanted. We were free to experiment with our own personal creativity. Corey’s ability to “see” and critique our photos was a major learning experience for me. He made positive comments regarding our photos and yet his gentle manor allowed him to graciously give the welcomed constructive criticism. His perfectionism and professionalism are indicative of an excellent instructor and leader. Corey patiently taught me a great deal about shooting with my camera. I used to be great at point and shoot photography and now am able to use most camera settings properly. On one occasion, I had a problem with a memory card and it appeared all was lost after a long day of shooting. My heart sank. But, Mr. Magic himself patiently and confidently worked with the card using special software. To my extreme delight, he was able to recall all of my shots. In spite of this complimentary testimony, Corey is not all business. His positive and humorous personality was a joy and I sincerely enjoyed his lighthearted puns and ad libs amid uproarious laughter at mealtimes and travel times. I plan on taking future excursions with Corey."
     -Marge Shaffer

"Thank you so, so much for just the most wonderful photographic experience. You really knocked yourself out for us. Am so thrilled with my photos and can't wait to have time to sit down for a couple of hours and work on them. You are the best. I love these adventures and look forward to a few more."
     -Sky Richardson

"Corey has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Even as an adult, I tend to be shy and bashful, but Corey knew when to come and offer suggestions for improving the photos while in the field shooting. During the workshop in the Smoky Mountains the rainy weather was a factor, but because he was familiar with the area Corey was able to adapt the schedule to the weather conditions. The photo critiques done in the classroom setting were great! He offered comments about what was good with our photos, as well as suggestions in a constructive manner for improving the photos. I would definitely be interested in participating in more of his programs and workshops in the future."
     -Marvin Beckman

"The St. Michael's workshop was the first location workshop I've done, and it was great to be able to spend several days working on photography. Corey is a natural teacher, and has a real knack for conveying complex technical info in an easily understandable way. He's careful to customize his instruction for all levels of students, and gives individual attention to each student to help each achieve his/her personal goals for the workshop. My photography has improved exponentially mainly from the "in-the-field" tips: what to do while you're taking the photos so that you don't have to do too much to them on the computer."
     -Liesl Wiederkehr

" 'Do you want to learn more about photography in an atmosphere that is relaxed and super informative? Then attend a workshop with Corey Hilz. You will come away just loving it.' Corey, I would gladly give an "infomercial" about you being one of the best photography instructors in area. This was my first workshop and will not be my last. You gave me the individualized attention that I needed. Moreover, it was at the level I needed. Although, some were more knowledgeable than others, you were able to provide instruction that was applicable to all us. But, best of all, you developed a friendly atmosphere so that we were all comfortable. Kudos!"
     -Lesliediana Jones

"Corey makes one feel confident. Yes, Corey truly is a gifted teacher, and he is able to clearly explain complex concepts to a complete novice. I came away from the Introduction to Digital Photography class knowing that I will spend less time being puzzled about the camera and more time capturing some great shots."
     -Sandy Uhler

"Corey's workshop was every thing you could ask for. He is very thorough. His hands on approach to instruct was very helpful, and makes an effort to make every one feel at ease. Corey also makes an effort to get to the best places at the right time to take advantage of the best light. I would not hesitate to attend another workshop, and plan to do so."
     -Jay O'Brien

"I really appreciate all the individual attention you gave us in the field as well as the very informative classroom sessions. Thanks for sharing so much information and giving such helpful critiques."
     -Barbara Bond

"Corey is a gifted teacher, and he's able to clearly explain complex concepts so that we can spend less time puzzled about our cameras and more time capturing great images."
     -Amy Troppmann

"Every question raised during the workshop was answered directly and completely. Best of all, the answers were provided in a manner that was helpful to both the skilled professional and the beginning amateur. There was a good variety of photo opportunities. You have a wonderful style of being there with specific ideas and suggestions. I felt that I was constantly learning by trying a wide variety of techniques. Yet, I always felt that you provided me and the others lots of freedom and latitude."
     -Paul Carlin

“The West Virginia Fall Foliage Workshop with Corey Hilz was fantastic! My images went from C- to B+ in one weekend! I learned more in the three days than I have in the previous years I’ve spent trying to teach myself. The locations in West Virginia were spectacular, well researched and planned, and they stretched my photographic limits. There were loads of opportunities to photograph in out of the way locations, very helpful critiques and instruction, as well as hints on photographic accessories. Corey is a born teacher who respects your own style and level, and yet offers suggestions and instruction that help you get the shot you envision. The workshop exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to the next one!”
     -Jeanne Mitcho